Biography of Age1ne
Age1ne ( Born on April .17.1982 ) an American hip hop artist .graphic designer. film director and studio engineer from Philadelphia 23rd diamond st. He's a high school graduate from Simon Gratz. He also attended community college to major in drama and theater to become an actor. While growing up around the age of 12 Age1ne started getting into music who was inspired by his uncle sean also known as a local artist in phily. At that age, Age1ne started a group with his two brothers called the Bumblebeez for about 2 years. After that Age1ne started to worked and collaborate with a loco dj by the name of Dj Casper which they formed a group knower by the name of Glistout entertainment. While being in Glistout entertainment he has travel around to different states and cities such as New York Ohio, Delware, Washington DC as well as Baltimore. Age1ne collaborated with artists such as Ab lava Dirty rik and el dinero , Ms Jade, Hallowman from paper chaser and more. After the time of being with Glistout entertainment the group didn't reach there expected goals by making it into the mainstream industry so he decided to go solo. As a solo artist Age1ne has been directing and editing is own music videos, as well as making his own beats and graphics designs for his latest and upcoming albums. Till this day he continues to pursue his music career running his own music company as a ceo by the name of Aframaro Records which is a short meaning of African americans, his attentions is to find different talent to invest in and seek distribution with a major record label to help his dream along with someone else's become worldwide.